I signed up to bring dessert to the potluck today. No way was I going to have time (or energy) to make anything from scratch. Hooray for Betty Crocker! I had M&B help me make brownies after school, we added several handfulls of bitter-sweet chocolate to the gooey concoction. Yum-my!

We were lucky I didn’t over-cook the brownies though… while the timer was cheeping I was outsideĀ  threatening to take the electronics away from B for yet another week, for being too noisy. We live in an apartment complex and I was worried about M&B being too boisterous on their scooters/skateboards, chasing each other, and racing… sigh. I need to give these poor kids a break… That, or move somewhere where I’m not so all-consumed with not bugging people with perfectly normal child behavior.

On the way home from school today M told me that Dad was funner than me. I can get why she’d think that.