(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Sewing sachets and wallets


Miss M is passionate about creating. Anything. She loves choosing her elements and imagining what they can become. And then she goes and does it. How great is that?

These days she is all about preparing for Christmas (though she is very careful not to say anything about who presents are for or from ’cause B still believes in Santa. So, shhhh!).

A couple nights ago she asked if she could make a Lavender Sachet. All I had to do was hand her the supplies: fabric, needle, thread, lavender, rice, ribbon.

Her brother saw what she was up to and asked if he could sew, too. Of Course! He chose to make a wallet (this is Monopoly Boy, after all). I set him up with the fabric (he wanted the same as hers), threaded the needle, and showed him where to sew. When he was done, we stuck on some Velcro to hold it shut.

They are both incredibly pleased with their creations. I am, too.