(re)capturing the fun & wonder

World travelers

Starting this week, we are going to take a trip around the world. Of sorts… At dinner tonight Tomas suggested that it might be fun to learn more about other countries, other cultures, through food, fables, traditions, music, crafts… The idea took root and the kids have decided that we should focus one country each week. Each of us (except for the baby) got to choose five countries.  Miss M wrote them all down, cut each one out, and put them in a jar.

On Sunday nights one of us will get to pick a country out of the jar.

Throughout the week we will do small art and craft projects,listen to new music, and read stories.

On Saturday evenings we will prepare a meal from that country.

This evening Miss M picked Egypt.

I’m thinking I might take advantage of my insomnia to do a bit of research during the wee hours….