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Asian Style Sea Bass in Parchment


It’s not too often that Tomas hands me a recipe from a magazine and announces that we have to make it. Yesterday he did. So, I spent my morning hunting down the ingredients for the “Asian-style halibut in parchment” he found in this month’s Real Simple. Turns out that Halibut is not in season so the fish monger suggested that I buy the Sea Bass (twenty-two dollars worth — gulp!).

When he got home from work I handed him the ingredients on a platter and he corralled the olders (I got to walk the dogs, put the babe to bed, and browse some crafty blogs while they worked). With a patience I just wasn’t born with, he taught them how to slice, dice, grate, and julienne. Both kids got to assemble two servings; one for themselves, and one for Mom or Dad.

Dinner was fancy, delicious, and the kids ate practically every last bite!

Real Simple doesn’t have the recipe online (yet?), but I did find pretty much the exact same recipe here — just add bok choi and a red bell pepper.