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Heart garland

Paper heart garland

I’ve been somewhat garland-obsessed recently (see here, and here). This morning, I hung out with Doree (after you finish here, you have got to check out this woman’s confections!!!), and a few other Moms to get some holiday crafting out of the way. It was our first get-together & I was so happy to be able to join them. Nice to get out of my digs and talk to grown-ups (I’d never understood the importance of that before leaving my job) — it also gave Tomas the place to himself for a few hours to focus on work without me & the baby underfoot.

So, back to my obsession — Garlands! They just make me smile, reason enough to make ’em, I’m thinking. Today’s are simple (like most things I tackle). Just heart cut outs in lovely shades of white, cream and taupe. Glued one-on-one over a string of hemp jewelry cord.

One thing I especially like about this one is that it won’t just be used for Christmas; it’ll be nice, too, for Valentine’s day, birthdays, and special occasions. Yay!

{update: if you are similarly obsessed, you’ll have to check out Ga-ga for Garlands, a photo pool on Flickr set up by Heather Bailey}

{and another update: Claire has posted a nice kids’ garland craft activity described up on Kiddley}

{and another…: One Hour Craft has a lovely tutorial on how to sew a heart garland. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but was too jittery to mess up my sewing machine. Now I know how!}