National Soup Swap Day

Yet another fun idea pointed out to me (and thousands others!) by Nancy White! This is something I think I’m going to need to participate in. I really do love soup. Love making it. Love eating it. It’s a sickness. I’m lucky that the kids also like soup. M likes broth, and B likes bits. I’m wondering what Little T will like?

So. This soup-swap-thing sounds like a cool thing to do, only I really wouldn’t want tons and tons of soup. What I would like though, are really good soup recipes. Would anyone be interested in a virtual soup swap?

soUPDATE (aren’t I the clever one?)
Here are links to the soups I’ve collected, not very many, but they are all quite tasty!

Bodil’s Ruby Red Pepper Soup (scary RED)

Vero’s Leek & Potato Soup (a family favorite!)

Carmen’s Leek and Artichoke Soup (super delish!)