(re)capturing the fun & wonder

A wee little favor to ask.

Dearest Reader,

I’d like to get in the nominee list for the Bloggies (deadline 1/11/07 10PM EST!). My blog is way too new (5+ months) to actually win anything, but I’d sure like the exposure just about now. Any chance you’d be up for giving me a little plug? It’s just a web form, and very easy to fill out.

Where to cast nominations
: http://2007.bloggies.com/
Blog name: Little Elephants
Blog URL: http://www.littleelephants.com
Relevant categories (I figure it doesn’t hurt to aim high!):
    >>     Best new weblog
    >>     Best-kept secret weblog
    >>     Best topical weblog

Why: Little Elephants is all about (re)capturing the fun and wonder of childhood. With three kids, two dogs, and a cat we’ve got plenty of both overflowing from our household. This is the place to find ideas and inspiration to keep kids entertained and engaged.

If you do nominate me, please drop me a line at veronique(at)gmail(dot)com so I can thank you :-)

PS: If you are feeling EXTRA charitable, and have read the book (you can preview the whole thing for FREE online!), it would be HUGE if you also took a moment to rate & review my husband’s book "What’s That Noise?"