(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Chopping onions

apronI chopped off the tip of my thumb last night so I’m not exactly myself this morning. Who knew the left thumb held such importance in life?

I woke up to a disaster in the kitchen today. Dishes piled high because I was too queasy after the chop to do anything other than lie on the couch waiting for someone to pass the fainting salts. {no one was particularly impressed with my theatrics, though my six year old did ask very-matter-of-factly if I was going to die. I assured him that I was pretty sure I would not do so just yet}

I’d read this post over on mollycoddle earlier in the day, and was thinking about it minutes before I cut myself chopping the onions & leeks to make this soup posted by Carmen on Sweet Petite earlier in the week, and trying to answer Miss M’s questions about exactly why I was changing her favorite soup recipe (she really likes potato/leek, this one is leek/artichoke). I did my best during dinner not to think about the fact that I might have served my dear family thumb for dinner (I also did my best to find the missing piece. Really.)

Luckily for me, the kids were incredibly cooperative this morning and got themselves ready for school without too much prompting on my part, and without a single temper elevated (mine or theirs).

To help myself feel better overall, I’ve ordered the apron above from Lille Hus so the next time I make a mess in the kitchen, I’ll at least be doing so in style.