I’ve been thinking about the many (many) ways I keep lists. I have binders, books, wists, wikis, e-mail, word, excel, stickies, wish-lists, scraps of paper, white boards, cork boards… you name it & it’s probably got a list on it or in it.

Today I remembered another list that you might like. My del.icio.us "dothis" (do this) list. As I run into things I like on the web that I’d like to try out with or for the kids (& sometimes even Just For Me), I tag ’em there. Way easy.

Except for the remembering to go back and check the list part…

Here’s my current sampling (along with my notes… notes I’m rarely good about including, but made an extra effort to do for this post):

  1. Bella Dia: Vintage Vertical Stripe Crocheted Blanket Pattern

    This is perfect for someone like me who has lots of scrap yarn (all those projects I keep starting…)

  2. rostitchery: done is better than perfect

    I know exactly who I am going to make a few of this (at least one) for.
    First I have to stop by Goodwill to find some funky pillowcases — ours
    are just too… Ikea…

  3. » How to Make A Inexpensive Light Tent

    The more photos I take of the projects we do, the more I realize that I really, really need a light box.

  4. Cut Out + Keep | Crafty and Creative Blog | Ribbon Labels | by Cat Morley

    I want to make these for my daughter’s sewing projects. How cool to have your own label at eight?

  5. How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake – WikiHow

    Next year…

  6. atelier v. — Chopstick control

    For my sushi loving kiddos…

  7. Kiddley » Blog Archive » Paper Santa Lucia crowns and hats

    Next year…

  8. My Work with Kids’ Drawings – a photoset on Flickr

    I love the idea of making new things out of children’s drawings. In this case, it’s stuffed toys.

  9. How to Make a Yo-Yo

    Sewing at my level. Even I could do this :-)

  10. craftster.org blog » Freezer Paper — Who Knew!?

    How to use freezer paper to make prints. Very simple.

  11. house on hill road: Flapper Hats

    I’d learn how to knit more than scarves, just so I could make these for my daughter.