(re)capturing the fun & wonder

The man looks good in a skirt


We celebrated Tomas’ 40th yesterday.

Doree made this AMAZING cake. The top layer is white chocolate, and the cake a decadent, delicious, rich (running out of descriptors here), yumolicious chocolate. She even made a backup cake in case the first one didn’t come out right! She is so cool. I had to pinky promise several people at the party that I would send them her contact info.

Following my Mother-in-law’s tradition, I made a Hungarian Goulash the day before so all I had to do was heat it up & serve. I made way too much of it, and will likely be able to feed my family of five three meals a day for a week on the leftovers. Not that I mind, it was really good. Michael was kind enough to pick up plain white rice from the local Chinese restaurant.

I’d set up a bar out on the balcony where my friend Rishi tended. He came prepared for the job with all the accoutrements of a master-bartender, but best of all, he brought two menus for folks to chose from. I put those up on the sliding door for the guests to peruse while they chatted.

Big Apple Cocktails (in honor of my home “town”)

  • Classic Manhattan
  • Perfect Manhattan
  • New Yorker (I had one of these, and it was incredible)
  • Bronx Cocktail

Scottish Cocktails (all contain Scotch)

  • Rob Roy
  • Rusty Nail
  • New York Cocktail
  • Harvey Wallbanger

While I was ready to break out kids craft activities, I never had to. They ran around like wild people and had a blast. They have a boom box and a disco ball in their bedroom so they had their own party — no adults permitted. Totally ok by me. After dinner we set them up with a Pokemon movie on the computer in our bedroom, and put the babies to bed in the disco. {the only teeny issues that came up were that 1; I kept losing track of my fifteen-month-old, and 2; it hadn’t occurred to me to let the grown-ups know that wrestling and playing football (!!) in a crowded living-room might not be a great idea. I’m happy to report that I only had to break out the ice pack once in the evening. Which, honestly is less than a typical, non-party, evening in my house}

Miss M wore her kilt. The banner was hung. Pandora provided the tunes (set to Pogues Radio for most of the evening). Tomas had baked two loaves of bread. And, lastly, Tomas wore a kilt I rented for the party {I had to teach him how to sit in a skirt — HAAAAAAAAA!!! snort.}

The best part of the evening was that we got to share it with friends old and new. Perfect.