In case you think we’ve completely forgotten about our trip around the world, we haven’t. Life has just taken us on it’s twisty path for a wee little detour this past month or so. Last night we agreed that we needed to re-ignite out travel quest, but this time we won’t be so strict with the rules — it’s so much more fun to meander than to feel like you have to follow an itinerary. Especially since the whole point is to try new things and have FUN.

A few months ago we discovered an awesome site called GeoBeats — The site is truly magical, and highly addictive (you’ve been warned). They provide video snippets of everyday experiences and historical landmarks from around the globe, complete with vibrant colors, and music. I almost wish we had smell-o-vision to round out the experience.

Check it out!

[just click on a destination from the drop-down menu to get started]