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Petit Musée

Petit Musée
by Alain Le Saux, Gregoire Solotareff
[The edition I’ve linked to here is in Spanish and English]

Little T is sixteen (!) months old now and is just starting to explore books. In a big way. My very favorite book to read to him is one I picked up at a museum near Nice last winter. It is a word book where the images are taken from the great artists of Europe and America: Van Gogh, Goya, Picasso, Manet, etc.

On the opposite page from the image you find the words along with the artist’s name, and what museum the piece is displayed in. The picture on the cover is "un petit garçon" — a little boy.

I had grand plans of *doing things right* with him, and teaching him French from the start. I hadn’t done this with my older two, and it causes me just a little bit of guilt. As will happen with Grand Plans, real life happened and I found that I did a terrible job of following through. When we read this book together, I tend to tell him the English words for what we are looking at.

Our copy is something I know I will treasure for a long time, and enjoy thumbing through even without a babe on my lap.