(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Recycled greenhouse


Poor Maggie is home sick with a cold. The worst thing for a kid is being home when they don’t have enough energy to do all the active things they usually like to do. Today was full of “what can I do?” moments. Luckily, my girl spotted the plastic tray our apples had come in this week and asked if she could do something with it.

I suggested a terrarium. She wanted a home for moths. After explaining that the moths would probably die in their new home, she agreed that a Greenhouse (a concept that made more sense to her than a terrarium) would be a good idea after-all.

The good thing is that this was an easy project that wasn’t likely to use up much of her (limited) energy. The other good thing is that it will be self-sustaining since we won’t need to keep her Callendula, and Sweet Pea seeds watered — they have their own natural hydrating system. We’ll just need to check on their progress every few days, and then transplant them when they get too big for their enclosed home.