(re)capturing the fun & wonder

A birthday gift


Miss M was so pleased with the snugglies I’d made for her and her brother that she asked if it would be ok for her to make one for her teacher’s daughter who is celebrating her first birthday today.

Of course!

On Wednesday after school we went on a mission to the fabric store. All the way there, we discussed her plans. They were quite elaborate. When we arrived, she headed straight to where we usually look, where you can get pre-cut pieces, and have fun with color and pattern for not a lot of money (’cause Mama’s cheap like that). I cut her off & introduced her to the bolts of fabric that were there to explore  — you’d have through I was the most amazing Mom at the look on her face.

She chose the brightest pink fleece, and a soft cotton in the brightest blue and fuschia.  Her smile was enough to quell my worries that this might be a bit, um… bright for a one-year-old.

Next up, we strolled past the ribbons, and buttons until she saw what she had to have for her blanket. A super soft teddy bear applique — a must have.

My girl also wanted to applique the baby’s name, but I was a bit worried that that would over-complicate what I’d hoped would be a simple project, so I steered her (yet again) to the iron-on letters. Yay me. She was pleased with this solution.

The actual sewing was easy peasy. Deciding where the appliques would go required Dad’s diplomatic intervention. Yay Dad.