Mop Top

With the Olders both getting into their music so much recently, Tomas has begun introducing them to the Fab Four as part of their fundamentals of musicology education. This weekend he taught them to play "In my life," by the Beatles on guitar and piano. Both children have added their own twist to the classic, and have arranged their performances to their liking. When Tomas isn’t around, it’s my job to find lyrics, and to sing along so they can catch the tune (this is not to say that I can actually carry a tune, but I do my best). My Mamma’s heart just about bursts (sometimes with laughter) when I listen to them sing and play.

Last night was a family movie night. After an upside-down dinner of saussage and scrambled eggs, we all piled into bed with pillows, and comfy duvets to settle in and watch a flick on the computer monitor (’cause there ain’t no TV no more). Keeping to the Beatles theme, we watched A Hard Day’s Night and the kids LOVED it. I never expected them to react so strongly to it, but by the end of the viewing they were sleepy, but oh so happy, and both commented on how much they liked the movie with BIG smiles on their happy faces. What a perfect way to end the weekend and head off to bed.