(re)capturing the fun & wonder


Why is it that whenever I try to learn something new I always start out with a heck of a lot of frustration?

The olders were at school and the baby toddler was quietly napping. This morning was the perfect time for me to do something just for me. Today was my day to sew. I was going to finish the patchwork quilt I’d started for my girl oh so many months ago.

After spending two straight hours trying to stitch just a few simple pieces this morning I had to admit defeat. It’s the same thing I ran into with Miss M’s machine. For some reason the thingy where you put the little bobbin in keeps getting mucked up and I end up with a tangled, snarled, and ugly mess. I’ve dis-assembled, and re-assembled the monster too many times to count, but enough times that I actually understand (I think) how the mechanism works.

Google is not helping me any this time around so I think it’s time I got one of my friends with skills to come give me a hands-on tutorial.