Sandy foot
Yesterday wasn’t the easiest. I was completely out of sorts, over-tired, over-worked, under-appreciated, and I behaved badly. The (not so) funny thing about when you are having a bad day, and are mothering, is that no one gives a hoot. I yelled. I cried. I let myself twist into a deep depression and shut down.

Everyone else still managed to have fun around me — even if they thought I was a big jerk.

Tomas went surfing for the first time, and was incredibly lucky to have a group of guys who were all willing to help and encourage him in it. I’m terribly disappointed that I didn’t get any happy shots of him in all his gear with that giant yellow board — I’m convinced they make it really big and bright so everyone knows you’re the new guy.

Instead, I got a hand-full of nice action shots of the kids exploring, splashing, and soaking up some rays.

At the water’s edge they discovered sand fleas and what they thought were hermit crabs — turned out the creatures were all Mole Crabs. Of course, we had to bring some home and do a bit of web surfing research to figure out what they were and how to care for them. Our new pets give me a bit of the heebies, but Miss M is particularly enthralled with them. Since she says she wants to be a Marine Biologist (and actress/rock star) when she grows up, I figure it’s my job to encourage this as much possible.