Poor Miss M has been complaining that I never do craft projects with her anymore, but just hand her the materials to work on her own.

For the past couple months I’ve been working on some great social web tools, and it has taken a bit of my attention away from the kids, I’ve got Mama-guilt over that one, but at the same time I am LOVING the work we are doing. My brain is busy (even in sleep!) plugging away at new ideas, new problems to solve — all the things I am passionate about. I’ve still got work to do to get that work/life balance smoothed out.

Today I’m QA testing out the beta release of one project I’ve been working on — routing out bugs and usability issues. Clicking on the button will bring you to a private chat space where you can share links with your friends and chat about whatever you want. The idea is that site owners and bloggers can give their readers a place to talk about what they are reading — with or without the content owner’s involvement. In turn, readers can invite others to come join in on the discussion. I’m incredibly curious to see how we end up using it in "real life."

I’ve set mine up so that I’ll be included in the discussions (’cause I’m too curious not to know what folks are talking about).

If you’d like to join  me in checking it out, just click on the button above to get started

And hey, if you run into any kinks or have questions, you can post them here in the comments or in the Huddle On This page. This is a beta after all :-)