(re)capturing the fun & wonder


I started feeling like I must be the last person on Earth to try out Twitter, so I signed up last night to see what the hub-ub was all about. I’ve read many reviews about how overwhelming the signal-to-noise can be, but my experience (so far) has been kinda nice. I like hearing little bits from people I like (and BBC News, I don’t actually know BBC News).

What is it, you ask?

Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world
sending updates about moments in their lives.  Friends near or far can
use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away.  Curious people
can make friends.  Bloggers can use it as a mini-blogging tool.
Developers can use the API to make Twitter tools of their own. Possibilities are endless!

I’m thinking this might be a fun way to add to my blogging experience so I’m giving it a try. You’ll find my Twitter badge in the right-hand column of this page, down near the end (I know I’ve got too much going on…).