(re)capturing the fun & wonder

30 Simple Projects for Children

Little T woke me up way early this morning, after putting him back to bed I found that I couldn’t sleep. Typical, eh?

I took advantage of the quiet to take a stroll through my blog so far and thought I’d share some of my favorite activities and projects. I hope you like them, too!

  1. Make a paper bag costume
  2. Create an Homage a Goldsworthy
  3. Make some corn husk people
  4. Make your own thank you cards
  5. Paint t-shirts
  6. Paint a lamp-shade
  7. Weave a simple wheat wreath
  8. Make magnifying gems
  9. Make snow globes
  10. Create a collaborative drawing
  11. Invent board games
  12. Go for a walk and document it!
  13. Make a nature garland
  14. Make a heart garland
  15. Draw a self portrait
  16. Play math games
  17. Go on a photography outing
  18. Build a boat
  19. Make up a song
  20. Make magnetic paper dolls
  21. Plant a micro-garden
  22. Play a guessing game
  23. Make a paper quilt
  24. Finish this picture
  25. Draw what you see
  26. Play the quiet game
  27. Make a book
  28. Table top tent
  29. Make a bow and arrow
  30. Create a still life collage