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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Gifts

I am a lucky, lucky Mama today. I woke up to the most delicious breakfast in bed, served up by my four favorite people in the world. Breakfast was accompanied by some lovely gifts: pottery, cards, a votive candle very much like the ones I blogged yesterday!), coupons for clean rooms, and good behavior, and the sweetest "appreciations" — scrolls of paper tied with colorful ribbons reminding me of the reasons I am special :-)

What more could a tired Moma ask for?

I know you’ve noticed the over-the-top gift from Tomas; my very own iPod Nano in the funkiest green! It’s harder than I thought to pick "just" a thousand songs!

My littlest guy gave me the biggest reminder of what today is all about. For me, it’s celebrating the fact that I am the one who is the luckiest of all since I get to be their Mom, and I need to remember to cherish every moment. Little T took a tumble mid-morning and needed three staples to the back of his head. He took it like the true little Viking he is — with a lusty yell, and a glare for the doctor. He’s fine now, and resting.

Happy Mother’s day to all my fellow Momas!