(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Makeover Momma

Mother's DayThe lovely ladies over at the SV Moms Blog have launched a contest and are giving away some incredible prizes — $1000 worth of pampering, fitness, and lovely duds for one deserving mama. Alls I gotta do it write about why I’m so deserving :-)

I think my Mother’s Day photo says it all. I present my evidence:

Note that I didn’t post a big close-up. This one is plenty big enough for me.

I didn’t used to have more than one chin. I used to actually take care of my hair — now I am down to one haircut a year, and I am several months late for my yearly “do”. I used to have cute, kinda funky, clothes that I fit into — I’ve been obstinate (delusioned) in not buying my actual size for several years now. I made an effort to get my contacts in, my legs smooth, face made, and teeth vigorously flossed. I’m not even gonna talk about my weight.

Today I look like one frazzled lady.

My mornings are spent in typical mom-chaos, getting kids fed, dressed, brushed, flossed, packed, and delivered to school. By the time I get back in the mornings, it’s just in time to change the baby’s diaper, and off for his first nap. While he sleeps I get my work done — laundry gets tossed into machines, dishes unloaded and loaded, email reviewed and responded to, writing and research done for my consulting and volunteer work. When the boy wakes up I’m the one ready for a nap.

My clothes are all from Target, Ross, and the sales rack at the Gap. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve had eight and a half wonderful years of mommydom so far, and I wouldn’t trade ’em for anything. It’d just be nice to just recharge and remember the hot mama I used to be… before anyone ever called me “Mommy”.