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Snack time ideas shared

Snack time

I could do with a little jolt of snacky inspiration. I have to admit I’ve gotten myself into a snack-rut lately and I’ve reached the point where when I’m in the market I don’t see anymore. I used to go walk through the aisles and be inspired — I’d always find something good and varied to feed my kids after school.

Now I feel stuck with my old staples. Miss M will eat all the cucumbers dusted with a sprinkling of salt, and B will snarf all the pita and hummus.

Other stand-bys in our house are edamame, raw veggies with “dipping sauce” (mayo/ketchup/spices), fresh fruit (seasonal), and graham crackers with milk. I never thought I’d ever get sick of edamame, but I have.

If you’ve got any fresh and healthy snack-time suggestions, won’t you please share them here in the comments? I’m sure my kids’d be very appreciative :-)