(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Finger puppet fun

Finger puppets
All this felt sure has gone a long way these past few days, and there’s still a bunch left over for more crafty goodness. Not bad for under $5!

On Saturday morning Maggie asked if she could make finger puppets. This was so easy, I couldn’t say no (and I do say no pretty often, I have to if I want to keep my sanity, or have a few minutes of nothingness).

We measured her index finger and I cut out a whole-lotta felt squares to be folded in half and sewn along the top and length — leaving the bottom open. Once stitched we turned the puppets inside out so to hide the seams.

Next up, I dumped a pile of fabric scraps and random adornments including googly eyes, feathers, yarn and pretty flowers. I then handed her the fabric glue and let her have at it. It was a glorious mess and a wonderful (quiet) frenzy of creative activity that lasted at least an hour.

Bjorn watched from the sidelines for a while and finally stepped in to make his own. When he got bored (tired?) of sewing his bodies, I took over so he could get to the fun part — decorating!

Finger puppets
On Sunday they literally spent hours making up stories and creating their cardboard stage and sets. And in the afternoon we had  family theater time to view their 1/2 planned, 1/2 improv productions. Lets just say they both had a lot of blood and gore (I might have to have a talk with them about that!).