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Sculpey Pokemon


My blog-friend Kim (she’s a contributor to the Chicago Moms Blog, I post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog) sent me a great suggestion (and a photo example!) for a possible craft for Bjørn’s birthday party. Sculpey Pokemon! I can’t believe how she tapped into his Poke-obsession and his desire for a craft.

As soon as I showed him the photo he insisted that we had to try do this. I thought it was rather convenient that Diddams had Sculpey clay available when we picked out his party paraphernalia later in the day. The minute we got back in the house Bjørn, Maggie, and Tomas set to testing it out — just to make sure it would work for the party.

The picture here is of their first effort (they made more today with the cousins). I’m wondering if we’ll even have any clay left for the party … Thanks Kim!!