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Swedish rye bread

Rye BreadFor years now my mother-in-law has made delicious rye bread, filled with sunflower and other tasty seeds, from mixes she picks up in Denmark. When I’m lucky enough to visit she sends me home with a pack or two to make at home and I hoard them like gold.

I can’t tell you how excited I got (really, my heart rate actually sped up!) when I noticed some Danish women on line at Ikea with boxes of this stuff piled high in their carts. When I asked where they’d found it they kindly pointed me to the right spot & filled me in on their simple secret for making Swedish rye bread.

The milk carton has all the dry ingredients, you just add water, mix, set it to rise, and then bake. So incredibly simple. The tip from the Danes was not to shake it all in the carton as directed on the package, but to mix it in a big bowl. You have much better control over it all this way, and you reduce the risk of a big mess.

This is an incredibly easy weekend-afternoon activity for the kids. I only wish mine enjoyed the bread as much as I do!

Serve with butter, fontina, or paté. Any savory or mild topping will go well. It’s a perfect mid-morning snack.