(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Getting (re)inspired

It’s been such a busy time recently (new job, holidays, round-robin sickness, etc. etc…) that I haven’t had much time to sit & read my favorite blogs, let alone post to my own or discover new ones. This past week I carved out a bit of blog-time and I am so happy I did. Here are a few highlights:

Outi completed her ripple blanket recently and it is GORGEOUS! I’ve been watching this thing grow all year and it is so exciting to see the final result. I am almost inspired to do the same, but the thought of such a drawn out project fills me with dread. Maybe I could make one for Mamie?

Patricia posted about making crepes for her daughter and I was so inspired I hauled out my crepe pan (a gift from Mom years ago) and taught Bjørn how to make them. He has since asked to make them just about daily, and is turning into an eager chef — since starting with the crepes a week ago, he’s added fruit salad, and omlettes to his repertoire. He’s also asked if I would teach him to make one new thing each day & I’m happy for the help in the kitchen even if I do get a bit flustered with him so close to the hot stove and with Tor underfoot, wanting to help , too. If you’ve never checked out Patricia’s personal blog, you should. It’s a favorite of mine: Good + Happy Day

I’ve a bit of a love-hate thing for embroidery. Sometimes it can just be a bit too … precious, for me. Molly has posted a sweet Gnome that I adore. I’m not sure I’d want Gnomes about the house longer than Christmas-time, but this little guy would be a welcome addition to our holiday swag.

This week I discovered A Number of Things, I can not believe I have gone as long as I have without crossing this path before. I’m thrilled to have it in my blog reader now, and am looking forward to keeping up with the creative goodness Alice shares there.

Amy has posted the coolest terrarium, and shares links to plenty related resources and photos to inspire. As soon as things settle down a bit, I think I’m going to have to make some with the kids. Maybe in the spring-time?

Ali posted last week about some stamps she made for a friend of hers. I’m thinking this would be a fun project to do with the kids — I’d have them draw small pictures with a Sharpie on big pink erasers, and then I would do the carving with our lino-tools. I’ll have to noodle over this one, but I know a project is going to come from this!

Oh, my!! My list of inspiring posts and sites is getting so long, I think I’d better break this one out so you actually have time to visit them all! I’ll be back tomorrow with more :-)