(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Getting (re)inspired part deux

Continuing on yesterday’s meandering walk about the craft-blogosphere…

Amy has posted about paper cuts. Tomas (the husband) is from Denmark, and every time we visit I am mesmerized by the paper craft. We have heart-shaped paper mobiles, tree-shaped paper ornaments, Danish stars on our Christmas tree, snow-flake templates, craft-books, you-name-it. If it’s a paper cut, you know I’ll be interested. As an example of how happy I was at Maggie’s efforts at paper-cutting, I even went so far as to buy her her own craft knife (crazy-sharp) and  cutting mat to encourage her paper-enthusiasm. (this might make me the crafting variety of a stage-mom, I’m not sure…).

This is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time.

BloesemKids was launched in December — how is it possible that I was so preoccupied as to miss it?! This is guaranteed to be the place to go in 2008 for impeccable design, and gorgeous inspiration.

I happened upon Cheeky Beaks this weekend, and I’m hooked. It was one of those moments where I found myself thinking *I could do that*! And then realized acknowledged that, no, I really can’t, and isn’t it a wonderful world we live in that there are people walking about with real talent? Do take a moment to click through her archives, there’s a ton of loveliness there to discover.

Melissa has posted the cutest House and Car toppers, going so far as to share her templates. CUTE!!

Gabriella shared a link to design your own snow-flake. At first I was irritated with the site, but when I saw my completed snowflake, I’ll admit I was hooked. They made my random clippings look incredible!

Ok… I can see my list of inspiring posts and sites is just going to grow-and-grow, so I’m going to break it up yet again. I’ll post some more tomorrow, but I’m thinking after that I’ll have to come up with a weekly-round-up. If you find any links I ought to check out, please share them in the comments :-)