(re)capturing the fun & wonder

(re)inspiration week continues…

My work schedule is a bit, uh… busy this week so I’m having to continue my stroll about the blogosphere in search of more creative inspiration instead of actually doing anything creative. My idea is that even if I don’t ever actually do these wonderful projects, I’ll at least have a faint memory of them embedded in my over-full noggin. Whenever the kids are desperate for something new to do, all I have to do is let the echoes of these posts inspire me. I hope they help you, too.

Write, Mama. Write. has shared a sweet heart-shaped Christmas ornament she made with her boy over the Holidays. This is one that looks so easy to replicate, I think the main thing is to have a good heart template — my hand-drawn hearts always come out wonky & wobbly :-)

tiny happy shared (way back in December!) a link to this great no-sew tutu tutorial. We know a bunch of little ballerinas who would probably definitely like these. I’m thinking this is a perfect project for Maggie and Bjørn to help make.

Amanda (aka SouleMama) has shared the bird calendar her kids worked on all last year that she had printed by Lulu.com to send out as gifts this year. I love the idea of having a quality bound printing of a child’s work and already have a number of ideas in mind (Bjørn’s been telling me about the comic book he’s been working on at school, and Maggie collaborated on a fairy-tale with her best friend last year). Tomas self-published his children’s book with Lulu and we’ve been incredibly happy with the quality so far.

I’ve you’ve taken up knitting again as I have, you’ll appreciate this bind off tutorial on the purl bee :-)

&, before I head to bed, I’ll just state for the record how very much I still miss Kiddley, I hope Claire decides to bring it back one day!

PS … I was off to bed but had to follow just one. more. link… to DIY Kids, the book that I’ve just put on order, used to be a blog!