(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Tomas’ birthday hat


Lookee what I did! Today is Tomas’ birthday. I tried to put together a little party but he went and got sick on us (again!). Good thing I had this little number ready to help keep his aching noggin warm. Probably not the flat-panel TV he was dreaming of, but it was in my budget and helped me feel better about flunking my pledge to buy/make handmade over the holidays

It took me two evenings to make using circular knitting needles. I didn’t use a pattern, and just winged it by measuring my own head and calculating how many stitches I would need (80 in this case). After the green rows I dropped one stitch every eight, knit a whole row, then dropped a stitch every seven, then knit a row … I kept this pattern up until I hit five & the wool was stretched out so tight I couldn’t possibly continue. I haven’t chrocheted since I was around Maggie’s age (she’s 9) so I did a test run off the hat to figure it out. Once I had the hang of it, I crocheted the hat off the knitting needles and worked my way in spirals until it was closed up tight.

I was inordinatly pleased with myself. I even forced the kids to come try it on and admire my work.

In the end this was an easy and crazy-satisfying project. I hope the kids weren’t lying when they said they liked it, ’cause I’m planning to make more for the whole family so we can all be matchy-matchy :-)