(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Hairplanes & Bathing Soup

Can I really have been so out of my blog groove that I failed to share this most wonderful thing? Tomas has completed his second children’s book, and it is really lovely.

When Bjørn was younger he had the funniest kidisms (like liking to wear his Bathing Soup instead of a suit) — Tomas has captured some of them here and will get you smiling with his silly interpretations of Bjørn’s world.

The books are available for purchase on Lulu.com where they are self-published for now (know of an amazing agent?). We’ve also posted a full preview of the book online which you are welcome to click through and share as much as you’d like.

Here’s the link to preview & buy Tomas’ books: http://surfeit.com/hairplanes