This year just before school started Tomas ordered me a copy of the Mom’s Family Calendar. It was a sweet gesture, but I hate it. Really, I do. It does its job reasonably well, but it is butt ugly.

It’s covered in stupid Boynton cartoons that are great if you are a kid, but they are not for me. They irritate me to no end and are an obnoxious smudge on the start of my lovely creative space. The space that is intended to be filled with beautiful things & thoughts.

You can imagine my joy when I discovered that the folks over at Busy Body Book now have a wall calendar for 2009 that is cleanly designed AND has SEVEN columns for me to use (the utter joy in my head!!!).

I’ve written previously about their planner that had five columns that suited me just fine at the time. My categories were Family : Work : Maggie : Bjorn : Tor. But now I can add Menus and Household Maintenance now that I have a house to maintain!

I’m also thinking of picking up a copy of this awesome Action Book which is designed by the folks at Behance, to keep handy for capturing work and blog ideas (no space in my life/brain to keep the two completely separate).

I love the simple tools that help me keep control of my busy life, don’t you?