(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Christmas craft round-up!


It’s taken me a little while to get here, but I’m finally starting to feel that familiar excitement at the holiday season. Maggie asked for a Christmas craft she could do yesterday and I drew a big old blank. The best I could do was to suggest a paper chain garland. The good news is that she decided she could work with that and we now have cheery green and red garland that’s about twenty feet long as of this writing. Bjørn got busy with twisting green and red pipe -cleaners, so we also have a number of candy canes hanging about now, too.

Knowing that this is just the start of it all, so I figured I’d do myself a favor & gather our crafts from the past few years to find projects I could recycle and repackage for the Holidays this year. Hope you find this list helpful, too!

I’m extra pleased that the majority of these projects use recycled or found objects — here’s to a happy, and eco-aware, holiday season :-)

  1. Make  Snow Globes
  2. Make magnified gems
  3. Make a Holiday amulet
  4. Make clothes pin angels
  5. Make holiday pillows for friends
  6. Sew lavender sachets
  7. Make garlands from found objects
  8. Bake a Mazarine pastry
  9. Make paper heart garlands
    Paper heart garland
  10. Decorate pine cones
  11. Make paper snowflakes
  12. Build a Christmas village or two
    Maggie's House
  13. Create Christmas magnets
  14. Make an indoor game mat
  15. Write Christmas poems
  16. Sew a holiday pennant
  17. Make holiday inspired paper quilts
  18. Sew a holiday quilt to snuggle under (another easy one is here)
  19. Make a holiday book
  20. Make festive votive holders
  21. Make embroidered pillows
  22. Make stuffed mice
  23. Make, and decorate, a pillow
  24. Make finger puppets
  25. Make some instruments
  26. Bake a Mazarine pie
    Mazarine pie
  27. Make sand snowflakes
  28. Make some pop-up cards
  29. Make holiday shakers
  30. Sculpt people for out Christmas village
  31. Make a memory box to capture the year gone by
  32. Make paper cutting ornaments
  33. Make no-sew scarves
  34. Make pine cone creatures
  35. Make pom-pom birds and their nests
  36. Make a banjo
  37. Make gifts from wood scraps
  38. Knit or crochet
  39. Citrus fruit pomanders
    Pomander production
  40. Make festive jewelry
  41. Knit a hat
  42. Make a wishing jar
  43. Make glittery beaded ornaments
  44. Make more trees for the Christmas village
  45. Create a Holiday comic book
  46. Make a snow man without snow
    Sand Man
  47. Make a paper bead garland
  48. Make a paper cone advent calendar
  49. Make paper angels
  50. Make Fimo clay (or Sculpy) ornaments
  51. And of course, we’ll also make Danish stars and paper baskets because we always do :-)