(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Kids’ jobs and chores


My son Bjørn is motivated by money & always has been (he routinely beats us all at Monopoly). This morning he started his day by asking if I would pay him again to rake the leaves under our large Maple. The boy remembered that last year I’d been rather green and over-paid — by a lot.

With all the rain we’ve had these past few days I was glad to get the kids out of the house again and agreed to pay fifty cents per (large) bag-full. He recruited his sister & little brother to help and got a rather good start on the season’s biggest job (we have a lot of trees).

I’m pretty sure that the source of his interest lies in his love of math — he is happiest calculating exactly how much effort & time will yield the appropriate reward to get whatever toy he has his eyes on.

I’m thinking I might have to come up with a series of twenty-five to fifty cent jobs for him.

Any suggestions?