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Simply Scandinavian inspiration

Yesterday, I had a funny moment while browsing the web. I suddenly realized that several of the sites I was enjoying were Scandinavian, and had a distinctly Norse quality to them. Folks who know me & have been reading this blog a while will know that my husband is Danish, and that we incorporate many of his country’s traditions and crafts into our daily lives. To be honest, I’m quite design-challenged, so I love reading magazines and blogs that demonstrate the lifestyle & life trappings I enjoy. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorites for those of you who are similarly inspired.

Scando-tinted blogs:

Hygge house is a long time favorite of mine. Alex is French-Danish (as are my children), and shares her view of the world via pictures and words in a way that always captures my attention. The corners of her home that she shares are always beautiful and have an Anthropologie-in-Denmark feel to me.

White Country is written by a crafty mom named Outi who lives in Finland. I am determined to one day host a “Rapujuhlat” (crayfish party) as she does every year, and wish I’d had a garden to build a child’s playhouse in when Maggie & Bjørn were small.  I can’t tell you how excited I was when she mentioned that her new Christmas book is out & (pinch me!) she’s launched a brand new Christmas blog — if nothing else, I am a huge fan of all things Scando-Christmas! I’ll order a copy, hope that there are plenty pictures, and make a point of inviting a Finnish firend or two over to help translate.

Sparkling Ink is one I stumbled upon yesterday & it shares a lovely perspective on food & decor. The time I spent on the site left me hungry & eager to run to the market to get supplies to try out a recipe or two.

Scando food-TV

I love Ina Garten, and TiVo her show almost religiously, but you should see the excitement in my eye when Perfect Day or New Scandinavian Cooking pop up in my viewing queue. The shows are very campy (literally & figuratively), with the hosts cooking all their food outdoors in various Scandinavian locales that boast stunning views. The recipes are interesting and presented beautifully, even if some of the hosts are a wee bit difficult to understand with their strong accents. I sometimes find myself wishing they’d use sub-titles when they give the local names for their dishes or the places and events they are describing.

Scando style in print

Bolig Liv & Mad & Bolig magazines are among the few that make it through my yearly magazine purges. I especially love their holiday issues.

Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing is a must-have for easy sewing projects with a Scandinavian twist.

The Paumes series of books is produced by a Japanese publisher, but they have several titles covering home decor in Scandinavia. I have all five of their Stockholm books, as well as Children’s Rooms Copenhagen, and a handful of others — I love them all. {and, oh! I just clicked over to their site & see there’s a book called Copenhagen Apartments that is not in my collection!}

Scando shopping

Nordic House is in Oakland, CA. and we order from them whenever we have a craving for Danish liver paté or need to re-stock our Danish flag collection.

Ingeborg’s in Solvang, CA. has the most amazing Danish artisanal chocolates. They deliver.

And of course there’s always Ikea which I miss having five minutes away from home as we did when we lived in Palo Alto. I’d stop in just for the yellow napkins & some tea-lights, and stock up on frozen shrimp, lingonberry jam and knackebrod.

Please let me know if there’s a book or site you think I need to see. I’m always happy to add just one more to my feed reader :-)