This post could alternately be titled “How to keep kids busy for a good hour.”

We’re visiting family this weekend and have six kids ranging in age from four to twelve under foot, so coming up with crafts and activities to bring was a bit of a challenge. Making pomanders turned out to be an unexpectedly big hit and the kids were begging for more fruit to decorate as we got through the pile I’d brought.

All you do is have them choose a citrus fruit (I’ve heard of people using apples, too, but have never done that personally), and a bowl of whole cloves, then you just have them decorate any which way they want. It’s completely theirs from that point on and they love it more that way, anyway.

One thing to note is that oranges are way easier to poke the cloves into then lemons or limes, so you might want to have a toothpick or two handy to pre-poke those.

Once we’re done, we leave them out for a few days for us to admire and sometimes add ribbons for decoration, but then I tuck them into a paper bag for a couple weeks to dry out. They make great gifts, too!