Maggie came up with this fun  project that involved the whole family to complete. Each of us poured through a stack of magazines from the recycling bin (plus one that Dad wasn’t quite done with… oops), and cut out the letters to their name. It was especially exciting to see how Tor now knows how to spell his name and has become so coordinated with a pair of scissors (he’s four).

Next up, we were instructed to find a background image that we liked to paste our names to. It was neat to see what we were all drawn to.

I have a bunch of unused frames down in the basement — mostly from Ikea — that I keep around for just this sort of purpose, and let Maggie pick the one she wanted & what background (I would have opted for a flat color rather than a print for readability, but this was her project and her choice.

It was a lovely, peaceful, conversation-inducing activity for the whole family and is now proudly displayed on top of Bjørn’s piano in the living-room for all to admire :-)

Magazine clippings

ps: yes… Tor has two entries. He insited.