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Ricotta with maple syrup and walnuts


Yesterday, I had a ricotta emergency and, naturally, tweeted it. Tomas had bought way more ricotta for the Lazagna I’d made a few days earlier and I knew it was doomed to curdle if I didn’t take action quickly. My Tweeps and Facebook pals came out en force with some wonderful suggestions. I opted for the one I had all the ingredients on hand for, and which I could easily recruit a kiddo or two to help prepare.

What’s funny in retrospect is that I was so tired by the time I got to it, that I had it in my head that she’d said syrup, not honey, so we have an unexpectedly original recipe :-)

@VetrinaGirl suggested: Mix it with honey and walnuts. #heaven OR Mix it with lemon yogurt. Yum!

What I did: Mixed the ricotta with maple syrup and chrumbled walnuts. Added the syrup to Maggie’s taste which was way sweeter than to my taste.

What others suggested:

@FuzzySheep: Tyler’s Gnocchi w/ Peas, Prosciutto and Ricotta. http://trunc.it/3fu3k So fresh, easy and VERY yummy!

@Stacerella: Ricotta cheese cake. I make them in small springform pans or in a tort pan if I have 1/3-1/2 of the ingredient volume onhand.

@Dorie93950: Homemade cannoli’s. A dessert w/crisp pastry tubes filled w/sweet vanilla-flavored ricotta. Buy empty Shells @ Italian bakeries

@KimLachance: Connolis! Yum. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/mario-batali/cannoli-di-ricotta-recipe/index.html

Heedan: panna cotta? but then again I’m all about dessert

Ursula: I got it!! I made a pumpkin cheese cake the other day for a pie contest .. it was delish… made fluffy with Ricotta!

Linda: lemon ricotta cookies … search food channel ? sounded deeeelicious

Nina: des crepes! trouve une recette Polonaise pour des “naleshnikis” fourrees de fromage blanc. C’est a n’en pas revenir! {VĂ©ro’s translation: crepes! look up a Polish recipe for “naleshnikis” stuffed with ricotta}

All of these sound wonderful, don’t they?

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