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Maggie Reviews: WEREling, by Steve Feasey

werelingMaggie is eleven years old and an avid reader. She’s offered to share her favorites here.

I thought Wereling was absolutely spectacular. It was full of action and adventure. The only warning I have to readers is that the Irish man, Tom says hell a lot.

It’s about a fourteen year old boy named Trey. When an odd man comes to his orphanage claiming to be his uncle he becomes suspicious. The one question nagging him the most is who is friend and who is foe?

I thought all the characters were great and that they all had great personalities that fit them perfectly. I would rate this book five out of five. I am a fiction lover though so this book is perfect for anyone who loves fiction. I thought the plot was very good and it left me begging for more.

I recommend this book for 5th grade and up. This is just a sort of personal fancy of mine but I really liked the fact that the author put an excerpt of the story on the front cover. It shows a moment of action and drama, perfect for people who take a book off its shelf and judge it by its cover. As another personal thought, I think that this book would be good in a trilogy. This book makes the top-ten book list for me and I hope there’s a sequel.

Disclosure: Wereling was sent to us by the publisher.