(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Valentine’s Day craft round up

Paper heart garland

  1. Make sparkly heart ornaments
  2. Make easy heart toppers for red and pink pencils
  3. Make  Snow Globes with cupids and heart-shaped confetti
  4. Make magnified gem magnets with Valentime images
  5. Make a sweet-heart amulet with bits & pieces that remind you of your love
  6. Sew lavender sachets
  7. Make paper heart garlands
  8. Sew a holiday pennant with — just use heart patterned fabrics
  9. Sew a holiday quilt to snuggle under (another easy one is here)
  10. Make a Valentine’s Day book
  11. Make festive votive holders — just glue heart shapes
  12. Make embroidered pillows
  13. Make, and decorate, a pillow
  14. Make finger puppets in reds and pinks
  15. Bake a sweet Mazarine pie
    Mazarine pie
  16. Make a memory box to capture all the ways you love
  17. Make a paper bead bracelet for your love