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Pumpkin patch print

The Pumpkin Patch

Ok… so this one got a bit wet on the way home, but I had to share since it was so brilliant (I’m hoping you’ll agree!). My youngest made this in Pre-K today and it sounded super easy to do (if a bit messy, so have wipes handy). Just draw happy, squiggly green lines on plain paper then have your child make a fist. Dip the knuckle part of their fist into orange paint (like they are punching in, only gentler so you don’t get splashed) to make the pumpkin “stamps” and then use just a finger or thumb dipped in green paint to make the leaves and stems. Genius, no?

I’m thinking you could even use fabric paints and make the prints on trick-or-treat bags — it’d also work on grocery bags. Oh, I do like this one, I hope you do, too!

Emil’s paper boat

paper boat

While visiting family in Europe this summer I snapped a quick shot of this amazing sailboat. It’s was made entirely out of paper and tape by a young cousin of ours. I’m keeping this picture handy for a rainy day to see if I can egg Maggie & Bjørn into making something equally spectacular :-)

Pine cone creatures

Pinecone creatures

On Sunday morning Maggie woke up and pronounced it the perfect day to do our annual craft. Tomas laughed at me because he knew right away what she was talking about while I just stared blankly. We do so many, many projects you know. Read more

25 Great Fall crafts!

Weaving wheat

There’s a chill in the air these days, but it’s not so cold the kids can’t still get outside some to explore and bring in their treasures to incorporate in fun projects. I thought I’d sift though our library to find activities inspired by the season. Read more