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While visiting family this past week I discovered this wonderful game created by my niece. Naturally, I had to snap a quick shot to share here.

To create your own all you need is a small block of wood (this one is about 3×4 inches), a drill (requiring adult supervision!), and golf tees. If you can’t find colored golf tees, I’m thinking it would be fun to decorate those, too.

What I love about this as a project is you can let your child be as creative as they like with the decorating, and it’s ok to stay with simple & functional. Either way, it’s a fun toy to entertain for years to come.

Can you hear me now?!

On Sunday afternoon Maggie was at an extended sleep-over, Tor was napping, and Bjørn was B*O*R*E*D, bored.

This mama did what and self-preserving soul would, and hauled out two plastic cups, a skewer, and ten feet of kitchen string. Voila! We have a telephone system.

It killed me how easy this was: I just poked one hole in the bottom of each cup with the skewer, threaded the kitchen string through and knotted it on the inside of the cups. You’ll want to pull (very) taught and have one person listen while the other speaks. I promise you and your kid will be amazed at how incredibly well this works.

Bjørn and I spent a good bit of time telling each other silly secrets that Dad couldn’t hear :-)

PVC pipe toys

banner-2Last night we had dinner with some dear friends. While the adults chatted, the kids found a box full of PVC pipes and connectors and had a blast playing with them. They literally spent over an hour constructing an elaborate watering system for my friend’s garden. I couldn’t believe what a great game they made of it! Tomas and I got dollar signs in our eyes as we imagined marketing such a toy. We’d have bright primary colors, widgets and whosits, bells and whistles to attach. It was a glorious moment. Read more