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Dinner games and Chocolate


This is what passes for dinner conversation in our house… Miss M was away for the evening at a sleep-over party on Friday night (lucky girl!), so at dinner-time B had the parents All To Himself. I think he was practically falling over himself with the pure joy of it. {& no, we didn’t lose the baby, he was in bed}.

Tomas suggested that we play a game. We are always up for one of his games because they are fun, and you tend to learn something along the way. Double greatness as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s how this one went. Looking at some of the dishes at the table, we each had to guess when and where said dish was invented. After dinner we would open Le Google and find out who was right.

The prize for the winner? This is the best part — A piece of chocolate from Ingeborg’s in Solvang, CA. Possibly the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, and my father-in-law (who truly knows about such things) insists that it tastes exactly like the handmade chocolates he ate in Denmark as a child. Heavenly.

Go fly a kite!

Go fly a kite!

This winter has be a rough one for us so far. Our house is full of empty tissue boxes, and still-runny noses, empty soup cans (who has the energy to make anything from scratch?), and piles of dirty dishes. Some days we all get so claustrophobic, such mind-numbing cabin fever, that we just need to get out.

These are the days made especially for kite flying. Even when there’s no wind to hoist the kites aloft.

Mrs. Pigglewiggy

ballThe kids came up with a simple (and educational!) game yesterday that I thought you might like, too. It goes like this:

They sit on the floor about six feet away from each other, and toss a ball back and forth. (I’m sure I’ve mentioned their genius status before, right?)

While they toss the ball, they sing “Mrs. Pigglewiggy” in a sing-song voice for four tosses. On the fourth toss the kid who has the ball calls out a math problem “9 plus 8 is what?” then tosses the ball. The other kid has to answer before they can toss the ball back again.

This has kept them happily occupied for two days in a row & they love it. My Man B loves it ’cause he gets to show how quick he is at math, and Miss M loves it because it was HER idea.

A win-win-win-(win) situation

The Box

I was the super-lucky recipient of an awesome delivery from Zappos this week. I got my boots (yay, Mom! — mine, that is). My Boy B got the outer box to make an airplane. Miss M made a boxcar out of the boot box, and Little T got to tear them both apart and make a home for himself.