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Winter village

Christmas village

My Mom gave me the cutest little village that she’s had forever, and I always thought was meant to decorate a mantle or something. I was so excited when I inspected them recently & discovered that they all have holes in the back big enough to poke a tree light through.

If you look closely at this pic you’ll see that all of the houses have “stained glass” windows (I’m thinking plastic or cellophane), that glow beautifully when lit from behind.

I’m thinking I’ll put a bit of effort into mending these and will put the kids to work with cardboard, colored cellophane, glue, and paints to make our own little set for next year.

Valentine’s Day craft round up

Paper heart garland

  1. Make sparkly heart ornaments
  2. Make easy heart toppers for red and pink pencils
  3. Make  Snow Globes with cupids and heart-shaped confetti
  4. Make magnified gem magnets with Valentime images
  5. Make a sweet-heart amulet with bits & pieces that remind you of your love
  6. Sew lavender sachets
  7. Make paper heart garlands
  8. Sew a holiday pennant with — just use heart patterned fabrics
  9. Sew a holiday quilt to snuggle under (another easy one is here)
  10. Make a Valentine’s Day book
  11. Make festive votive holders — just glue heart shapes
  12. Make embroidered pillows
  13. Make, and decorate, a pillow
  14. Make finger puppets in reds and pinks
  15. Bake a sweet Mazarine pie
    Mazarine pie
  16. Make a memory box to capture all the ways you love
  17. Make a paper bead bracelet for your love

Snowman kit

Snowman kit

Tor was given the most awesomnest gift ever today — a snowman kit! One of the parents at Tor’s school made this set, and I need to meet them to tell them how much they rock.

The snow was too powdery today to make a snowman so I stuck the pieces in a big drift to give you an idea of what it looks like. After I took this picture, Tor went back outside to move the flower from “her” hair into “his” hand. Turns out our snow-drift is a he.

Each piece is hot-glued to golf tees that you just poke into the snow. The gloves are sewn fabric, and the carrot nose is a sewn and stuffed felt cone. The eyes and buttons are all Sculpy clay. So simple. So perfect!

Sparkly heart ornaments

Salt dough ornament

Last year we made a bunch of sparkly heart ornaments using salt clay. They were so easy, all we did was mix our ingredients, rolled out out dough, cut out our shapes using our cookie cutters, then baked at 250 degrees for 3 hours. The next day we painted our ornaments with tempera paints & then sealed them with glitter glue.

If I were to do it again, I might skip the glitter, but they still made me smile as I unpacked them this year.

A lazy winter Saturday…

our creche

We’ve got a nice big storm that’s dumping some good sledding snow for us. As we waited for the blizzard today we got ready with cookies, and apple cider, and we set up our creche in the most inconvenient spot ever — right in front of a drawer that gets’ opened a zillion times a day. Today has been perfect for having good friends over and lazing about after (finally) putting up our tree.

It’s been a great day, and I’m hoping yours was, too.