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From little kid to young hostess


Tomas and I were playing around with iPhoto’s book-making tool & one of the pages it made from our photos jumped out at me. My daughter, Maggie is eleven now and has really glommed on to the social arts (I can’t think of any other term for it, so feel free to help my English).

One of her favorite things to do when we have guests or will be a big group for a meal, is to help set the table, she always comes up with the prettiest arrangements for flowers, simple, natural, and lovely. {yep. I’m her Mom – super proud- can you tell?}

The last picture in that row is of a desert she and Bjørn (9) invented: fruit salad in tartlettes, topped with home made whipped cream and a yummy chocolate.

Mazarine pie

Mazarine pie

I make this every year, it’s based off of a pie my parents used to buy at the Danish Pastry shop in our town that burned down years ago. This is the closest I’ve gotten to replicating the recipe, but I’m determined to track down the original baker to see if he’ll share his with me (my son’s third grade teacher’s lawn guy is his son, so I’m sure I can reach him) — I tease the kids that I married a Dane because I love this pie so much. Funny thing is it turns out the baker’s name is Christensen, too! I also still dream of his almond macaroons – swoon! Read more

Native Americans on our ferry

Family of crafters on the ferry

We took the ferry from Long Island to Connecticut on Thanksgiving morning and sat next to a family that I noticed were super busy doing something crafty (it’s like a radar I have). Their table was covered on feathers, paper, glue — it was like a slice of crafty heaven! — I couldn’t resist asking what they were up to, and it took all my self-restraint not to ask to join in. Read more

Citrus fruit pomanders


This post could alternately be titled “How to keep kids busy for a good hour.”

We’re visiting family this weekend and have six kids ranging in age from four to twelve under foot, so coming up with crafts and activities to bring was a bit of a challenge. Making pomanders turned out to be an unexpectedly big hit and the kids were begging for more fruit to decorate as we got through the pile I’d brought. Read more

Advent calendars!


I’ve been searching and searching for an advent calendar. I wanted to make one, and the kids all just want chocolates every day. I think I’ve finally happened upon a great solution so we’ll all be happy, and the project is simple enough that I won’t exhaust myself in the process. Read more