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Anne’s lemon-herb butter

Anne's lemon-herb butter

I’m working on my meal planning a bit late this week… actually, my meal planning is happening out of order since Tomas did the shopping without a list yesterday afternoon. It’s silly how happy I was to see salmon and asparagus as I unpacked. Tonight I’ll grill up the salmon in a bit of butter (maybe unsalted since the Doctor says I need to cut back on sodium). The asparagus will get chopped up & sautéed in a bit of butter with a few cracks of pepper, and I think a nice tossed salad will round out our little meal. Read more

Ice cream blossoms


While we were in Paris my brother- & sister-in-law brought us to a wonderful ice cream parlour that had the kids, especially my Maggie, grinning from ear to ear. The place is called Amorino, and they have a huge selection of delicious gelato. Ice cream scooped in the shape of a rose? Priceless! And the look on the kids’ faces when they discovered another branch in Grandma’s hometown of St Malo? Pure delight!

I paid extra close attention as they prepared ours, and am planning to surprise the kids with our own ice cream flowers at home … Best part will be the practice — Yum!

Anne’s walnut cake


My summer was so full of good eating, I almost felt like I was living my own private episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. One of the most amazing cooks-we’re-related-to that I was lucky enough to be invited to twice this summer was Tomas’ cousin-by-marriage, Anne. She has the loveliest home, where all the walls are a crisp white, and accented with punches of cheery orange, and mellow wood tones. Read more

Kely’s Brigadeiros


At the end of the summer (is it really Fall already?!), we visited my Brazillian friend Kely in East Hampton, NY — OMG! what a wonderful day of fun in the sun, cannonballs in the pool, Caipirinhas for the adults and these delicious Brigadeiros for the kids. Read more

Pita pizzas

Pita pizza

With school starting up again net week, I’m breaking out my list of snack time ideas. One of the kids faves is pita pizza that they make themselves. I just lay out pita bread, mozarella cheese, marinara sauce and a few toppings if that’s what they’re in the mood for (olives, pepperoni, mushrooms…). Pop ’em in the toaster for five minutes and you have some very happy kiddos.

Tor likes pita pizza