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Winter village

Christmas village

My Mom gave me the cutest little village that she’s had forever, and I always thought was meant to decorate a mantle or something. I was so excited when I inspected them recently & discovered that they all have holes in the back big enough to poke a tree light through.

If you look closely at this pic you’ll see that all of the houses have “stained glass” windows (I’m thinking plastic or cellophane), that glow beautifully when lit from behind.

I’m thinking I’ll put a bit of effort into mending these and will put the kids to work with cardboard, colored cellophane, glue, and paints to make our own little set for next year.

Finger knitting with Outi

with a little help from outiWith a little help from Outi’s well illustrated Christmas book, Bjørn got a bit of finger knitting done today. We’ve done this before many times before, and somehow forget how to get started each and every time.

It was the perfect activity after freezing his finger-tips out in the piles of snow that came down over-night. Now he has a long-if-narrow green scarf to wrap up in the next time he heads out.

Here’s a good video to get you started, too.

Crafty and creative peeps to follow on Twitter

Twitter birdI finally took a bit of time to explore Twitter’s new lists function recently & I’m hooked. I have about a dozen lists going so far & want to share one here that I hope you’ll help contribute to.

This one is a list of crafty and creative people (mostly bloggers) who inspire me with all sorts of ideas for things to do and share with my family. From food to garden, to recycling toilet paper rolls, they’ve got it all. Here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve got so far, I’ll add here and on my list as I go. Read more

hyggelig happy

I’m been a bit blue these days, so instead of stressing about finding something to write about I’ve decided to just share something happy. Hyggelig Happy is a flickr group I happened upon the other day & bookmarked straight away. It’s full of happy pictures of happy people, happy crafts, crafty things, and crafty homes. Just lovely.