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Emil’s paper boat

paper boat

While visiting family in Europe this summer I snapped a quick shot of this amazing sailboat. It’s was made entirely out of paper and tape by a young cousin of ours. I’m keeping this picture handy for a rainy day to see if I can egg Maggie & Bjørn into making something equally spectacular :-)

Simply Scandinavian inspiration

Yesterday, I had a funny moment while browsing the web. I suddenly realized that several of the sites I was enjoying were Scandinavian, and had a distinctly Norse quality to them. Folks who know me & have been reading this blog a while will know that my husband is Danish, and that we incorporate many of his country’s traditions and crafts into our daily lives. To be honest, I’m quite design-challenged, so I love reading magazines and blogs that demonstrate the lifestyle & life trappings I enjoy. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorites for those of you who are similarly inspired. Read more

We’re on Green Hour today!!!


I am so excited that the folks at Green Hour are highlighting our leaf-prints today! I met Anne, who runs the Green Hour blog, at a conference about a year ago & was a little bit jealous when she told me about her project (she has a dream job!!). I was tickled when she emailed to let me know they’d be linking here — sometimes it’s the small things that do wonders to lift your spirits :-) Read more

Emil’s boxcar


I just had to share this picture with you. While we were in Denmark this summer we visited Tomas’ cousin and her family. Their home was straight out of a fairy tale, with a thatched roof, fruit trees throughout their property, and this amazing boxcar. Read more