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Tor’s pinecone bird feeder

Pinecone birdfeeder

It’s funny how things happen sometimes… Last night I was telling Maggie how I wanted them to collect pinecones so we could make peanut butter & birdseed feeders for our feathered friends. The girl was horrified at the idea — the peanut butter would stick in the birds’ beaks and they’d all die! I have no idea if this is true, but was freaked out enough at the thought that I set aside that idea pronto. Read more

Citrus fruit pomanders


This post could alternately be titled “How to keep kids busy for a good hour.”

We’re visiting family this weekend and have six kids ranging in age from four to twelve under foot, so coming up with crafts and activities to bring was a bit of a challenge. Making pomanders turned out to be an unexpectedly big hit and the kids were begging for more fruit to decorate as we got through the pile I’d brought. Read more

The gift that keeps giving

better than a tonka truck

About a month ago we had the folks from Roto-Rooter stop by to dig big holes and fill others in our back yard. It was a day of non-stop excitement for the boys, watching the big Tonka truck tearing up our garden (and *snif* a mature lilac or two), to install a new septic system. Read more

Pine cone creatures

Pinecone creatures

On Sunday morning Maggie woke up and pronounced it the perfect day to do our annual craft. Tomas laughed at me because he knew right away what she was talking about while I just stared blankly. We do so many, many projects you know. Read more