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Embroidered gifts


Last week Miss M decided that she wanted to give embroidered pillows to her teachers (she has two). She had a very specific idea in mind — if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that this is always the way it is with my girl — my job, as always, is to facilitate.

She picked out her coordinating fabrics and threads, and wrote her teachers’ names in her very best cursive using a fabric pencil. After all the kids were off to bed, I labored over the embroidery for the first pillow. It was extremely stressful as I hadn’t embroidered a thing since I was my girl’s age. It didn’t help that I was completely winging it.

The glorious smile she beamed on me the next morning thoroughly made up for all my cursing and stressing the night before.

The second was done much more peacefully the next night :-)

A birthday gift


Miss M was so pleased with the snugglies I’d made for her and her brother that she asked if it would be ok for her to make one for her teacher’s daughter who is celebrating her first birthday today.

Of course!

On Wednesday after school we went on a mission to the fabric store. All the way there, we discussed her plans. They were quite elaborate. When we arrived, she headed straight to where we usually look, where you can get pre-cut pieces, and have fun with color and pattern for not a lot of money (’cause Mama’s cheap like that). I cut her off & introduced her to the bolts of fabric that were there to explore¬† — you’d have through I was the most amazing Mom at the look on her face.

She chose the brightest pink fleece, and a soft cotton in the brightest blue and fuschia.¬† Her smile was enough to quell my worries that this might be a bit, um… bright for a one-year-old.

Next up, we strolled past the ribbons, and buttons until she saw what she had to have for her blanket. A super soft teddy bear applique — a must have.

My girl also wanted to applique the baby’s name, but I was a bit worried that that would over-complicate what I’d hoped would be a simple project, so I steered her (yet again) to the iron-on letters. Yay me. She was pleased with this solution.

The actual sewing was easy peasy. Deciding where the appliques would go required Dad’s diplomatic intervention. Yay Dad.

Now I will learn to sew!

Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects

Ages ago I pre-ordered Simple Sewing by multi-talented blogger Lotta Jansdotter. Today it came in the mail and I am positively drooling over every page.

She presents simple yet beautiful projects in such a readable way that I am convinced that this time I will actually make something lovely. She even goes so far as to include several patterns in a convenient envelope. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the binding. It’s spiral bound & I have a personal hatred for spiral bound books — I’m always worried that I’ll tear the pages, and these pages are much too pretty to tear so I’ll have to be extra careful.

I’m almost afraid to show the book to Miss M this evening because I know she’s going to want to get cracking on a project Right Away! Even though I’m a little scared to dive in, I can’t wait to see what we make :-)

Vero triumphs over the machine


I gave in and read the manual. I would have saved myself a heck-of-a-lot of angst if I had done that to start with. There’s nothing wrong with the machine — it was all me.

To finish the blanket I followed an excellent tutorial I found on happythings, and kept things as simple as possible. The final product is a mash of fabrics I liked, but that don’t really go well together, is a bit small, and a bit wonky, but Miss M loves it.

To keep things fair, and because I now knew how to make a quick blanket, I also made a super-simple one for my boy. His is incredibly comfy, with t-shirt material on one side, and super-soft flannel on the other.


Why is it that whenever I try to learn something new I always start out with a heck of a lot of frustration?

The olders were at school and the baby toddler was quietly napping. This morning was the perfect time for me to do something just for me. Today was my day to sew. I was going to finish the patchwork quilt I’d started for my girl oh so many months ago.

After spending two straight hours trying to stitch just a few simple pieces this morning I had to admit defeat. It’s the same thing I ran into with Miss M’s machine. For some reason the thingy where you put the little bobbin in keeps getting mucked up and I end up with a tangled, snarled, and ugly mess. I’ve dis-assembled, and re-assembled the monster too many times to count, but enough times that I actually understand (I think) how the mechanism works.

Google is not helping me any this time around so I think it’s time I got one of my friends with skills to come give me a hands-on tutorial.